About Bobofoods!

We are one of the leading producers of fruit milk products in Nigeria. We select high quality ingredients to produce best quality products. This makes BFBL the most trusted and reliable producer for consumers throughout the country.

BFBL is one of the leading FMCG companies in Nigeria. We select high quality ingredients to produce the best quality products and our goal is to provide consumers with products of consistent superior quality that continuously meet their needs and expectations. This keeps the consumers at the center of our attention.

Our Core Values.

Welcome to our website, where we proudly introduce our FMCG company, one of Nigeria’s leading producers of fruit milk products. At our core, we uphold the values of quality, customer service, accountability, integrity, and teamwork, which serve as the pillars of our success. We are committed to delivering exceptional products and experiences to our valued customers.

As a leading producer of fruit milk products in Nigeria, we take pride in upholding our core values of quality, customer service, accountability, integrity, and teamwork. These values define who we are and guide us in our relentless pursuit of excellence. We invite you to explore our range of products and experience the unmatched quality and taste that sets us apart.

Customer Care
Team Work


We prioritize quality by selecting the finest ingredients for our fruit milk products, earning the trust of consumers nationwide.


Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide exceptional service, promptly addressing customer needs with professionalism and courtesy.



We uphold accountability, maintaining transparency in our processes and striving for continuous improvement and excellence in all aspects of our business.



Integrity is at the core of our culture. We conduct ourselves with honesty and ethics, fostering trust and respect in our relationships with customers, partners, and employees.


Team Work

Teamwork is our foundation for success. Collaborating and leveraging our diverse team's strengths, we surpass industry standards, ensuring our products remain unrivaled in the market.


Bobo Apple Drink

Authentic Apple Flavour

Yugo Drink

Premium Yogurt Drink

Bobo Vanilla Drink

Premium Flavoured

Bobo Pineapple Drink

Rich Flavour