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BOBO Smart Kids Education Support

Bobo Smart kids Education Support is a yearly competition that involves hundred of schools in their large number competiting in different states independently for the ultimate prize which usually is a one year fully paid tution fee. This year we have kicked off in 3 states. Abuja, Oyo and Lagos. 

This is another great way to give back to the community (CSR).

The Lagos BSKES have commenced and Schools are already turning up in thier numbers.

So many gifts to be won which include cash prize of over N500,000 and other consolation prizes like Desktop Monitors, Printers and Mobile devices for the Teachers.  If you are in Abuja or Ibadan during this period May 10th - June 22nd then dont miss out in the action. Inform every child you know about this. You never can tell, this might just be his/her lucky time to shine.